Buch Nr. 111 / 25.09.2008

Diagrams - Part 1

* Regular Icosahedron (6 modules) FUSE Tomoko
* Bulldozer YAMAGUCHI Makoto

Serial Essays

* Learning from the Paperfolding of the Past - Brief History of Origami HATORI Koshito
* From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library KOMATSU Hideo
* Origami-Sampo Skipping Every Othe Step MAEKAWA Jun
* Paper Folders on File - Marcio NOGUCHI Origamihouse
* Origami and Its Neighbors FUSE Tomoko
This Origami and That NISHIKAWA Seiji


* Counting the Number of Unique Configurations of Flat-Folded Origami Reconstructed from a Crease Pattern MITANI Jun

Diagrams - Part 2 - and Crease Pattern

* Tiger MIYAJIMA Noboru
* Clown MIYAMOTO Chuya
* And others